Result of natural adhesion under eye bag relocation

What is the laser natural adhesionunder eye bag relocation from Fresh?

It is Not the under eye bag relocation that takes long recovery time.It is the surgery from Fresh using the laser that guarantees fast recovery and the natural result through many experiences for the long period of time.Removing the fat under the eyes enhances the dark circle as well as the sunken areas around eyes.  This surgery is one of the most representative Anti-aging surgeries.

The best doctors and staffs try their best to give the upgraded service with the latest equipment.

Laser natural adhesion under eye bag relocation surgery method

Depending on the different types of causes resulting in the dark circle, kinds of suture will be chosen.

Fresh’s laser natural adhesion under eye bag relocation for the complete dark circle removal

  • We minimize the swelling and bruising with use of laser incision
  • Immediate return to daily life is possible due to no outer suture
  • Natural adhesion method that locks makes the site of surgery possible for smooth surface to touch
  • Less than 1 hour of surgery

Result of natural adhesion under eye bag relocation

Possible site of micro fat graft

Micro fat graft from Fresh

The result of micro fat graft


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