Result of Dual epicauthoplasty

What is Dual epicauthoplasty from Fresh?

1. Non-reattaching “lateral + lower epicauthoplasty”
2. With the previous lateral epicauthoplasty, additional lower epicauthoplasty is done to make a definite result.
3. This is suitable for people who want wide open eyes with kind image.

Like in all cases of surgeries, experiences are very important, but especially the epicauthoplasty is a very delicate type of surgery.  
Choosing a doctor can be very crucial.

Surgery method Dual epicauthoplasty

Dual-epicauthoplasty is applicable to people who

  • has upward eye-slant causing mean look
  • Requesting for more gentle look
  • Has diagonally short eyes
  • Has vertically short eyes

The magical medial epicauthoplasty

Together with Dual epicauthoplasty, this lengthens vertical height of the eyes and helps to relieve epicanthic fold. Problems with the previous medial epicauthoplasty are the obvious scar and the high rate of adhesion. The magic medial epicauthoplasty is developed to minimize the scar as well as adhesion and gives the natural eye shape.

Just like any other surgeries, epicauthoplaty needs delicate attention so it is very crucial to find the doctor with good amount of experiences with good skills.

The result of Dual epicauthoplasty


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