Liposuction is not just about removing fat but procedure of making
beautiful and natural body line by removing fat.
Fresh implements safe and qualified liposuction by grasping
3 dimensional structure of subcutaneous fat using ultrasonic diagnosis,

and consideration  of individual elasticity of skin and body line.
It is means custom liposuction of removing fat in the desired area only
when you are generally slim but have fat on specific areas. 
You can get simple procedure by safe local anesthesia or Monitored anesthesia.
Mini liposuction,  commonly call part-liposuction can remove small part
where it is hard to remove fat by diet, and easy way of solving the partial obesity.

Mini liposuction of Fresh only

The basic surgical process is not different from common liposuction
but as it has small amount of surgical area, less burden in terms of operation time, recovery and cost.


Upper abdomen, Lower abdomen,Love handle on sides

Arm / Forearm

Outer part of forearm,sagging part under the arm


Protruding front thighs, outer thighs,Hip-line under hip,inner thighs, Channel-line inside knees


Polymastia of front armBra-line behind armpit

Advantage of Mini-liposuction

Systemic management after operation

In Fresh we offer you best management for recovery by diagnosing method
of treatment from time and tissue repairing steps.